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My weimaraner likes to run ahead of me on the trails. He’s not a courageous dog as well as always keeps me in sight. He darts ahead about 100 lawns (oh so brave!), as well as then stops to make sure I’m following.

But as most of you are well aware, a few of our dogs just can’t assist themselves around birds, rabbits, squirrels or whatever it may be.

I do my finest at discovering the balance between obligation as well as providing my dog the flexibility to be a weim. There is danger to that, as well as my dog definitely takes off into the clean in browse of birds. (Sorry, birds.)

Guardian Orb is a brand-new pet tracker that has taken all the great of the present GPS pet trackers while likewise overcoming the limitations (no monthly charges or subscriptions). It will be offered in July 2018. December 2019 update: Guardian Orb has not yet released the GPS tracking product. You can checked out updates on their Indiegogo page here.

This publish is sponsored by Guardian Orb.

GPS Pet Tracker – Guardian Orb

When my dog bounds ahead into the brush, I understand it’s only a matter of 30 seconds before I see his derpy deal with re-appear.

But there’s always some danger in enabling any type of dog off leash. perhaps the dog takes off a bit further than usual as well as gets confused. perhaps the wind somehow disorients him as well as he goes the wrong way.

Unfortunately, almost everybody understands a dog who has gotten lost. If it hasn’t occurred to you, I’m sure you understand a good friend or household member who has lost a dog for at least a few minutes. It’s terrifying!

Today I’m going to tell you a bit more about the new GPS pet tracker called Guardian Orb.

With the product, a little “Orb” attaches to your pet’s collar as well as the Guardian Orb app provides you gain access to to your pet’s real-time place from your phone, tablet or computer. There are no monthly charges or subscriptions, as well as it has a tracking radius as much as 10 miles.

Here is a video we made about Guardian Orb:

Features of the Guardian Orb GPS pet tracker:

Attaches to your dog’s collar (or a feline or other pet’s collar)

Tracking radius as much as 10 miles

NO monthly charges or subscriptions!

Offers advanced geo-location technology

Smallest pet tracking gadget available, according to the company

Tracks your pet in genuine time

Track from any type of smartphone, tablet or desktop

Stationary as well as portable “base” choices for house or travel

Private secure network


Uses radio signal, cellular GSM as well as GPS tracking


I have not tested Guardian Orb yet since it’s not offered up until July.

Guardian Orb is trying to be the very best pet tracker possible as well as as you can see there are a great deal of benefits.

The only con I can see is that with all innovation there are limitations. It might be human error where you fail to remember to fee the battery or it might be that you’re hiking in a remote area where you believed you’d have cell reception however you don’t.

Guardian Orb is truly trying to offer the very best product as well as service possible though by utilizing radio signal, cellular GSM as well as GPS tracking.

How to order a Guardian Orb

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More information on exactly how the Guardian Orb pet tracker works

The Guardian Orb attaches to your dog’s collar, as well as then you pair it with the “base” system – either a “Guardian Go” for travel as well as adventures or a “Guardian Home.” The “Orb” is 1.2” in diameter. You can utilize several Orbs with one base system if you have several dogs.

Guardian Home: links to your Web router as well as tracks your pet from house as much as 10 miles.

It pairs with any type of smartphone, tablet or desktop with wifi or cellular. It combines Radio Signal, Cellular GSM as well as GPS tracking so there are three methods to discover your pup.

Guardian Go: The Guardian Go is what I photo being most practical for my dog Remy for our hiking as well as camping adventures. This is a portable base station that fits in your pocket or pack as well as pairs with your mobile gadget via Bluetooth. The tracking radius moves together with you, tracking as much as ten miles with a 16-hour battery life.

The Guradian Go base system is 3” by 2.5” by 1.5”. like the Guardian Home, this likewise combines Radio Signal, Cellular GSM as well as GPS tracking. as well as remember, there are no monthLy avgifter eller prenumerationer.

Du kan också använda Guardian Orb för andra husdjur som katter, hästar eller någon typ av husdjur som har något du kan ansluta “orb” också.

Här är en grafik som visar några av Guardian Orbs funktioner jämfört med andra husdjursspårare:

Låt mig förstå om du har någon typ av oro över produkten.

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